Supreme Manufacturing Dredges Extract 100% of Their Deposits

Supreme Manufacturing provides proven solutions for producers to extract 100% of their deposit. The company’s team of specialists can explain to producers how clamshell dredges can outperform more conventional methods like draglines or excavators when used in underwater deposits.

Producers are constantly faced with the challenge of extracting material from their underwater deposits and this often leads to a profit loss per acre and per ton. Operating a minimum of four machines and requiring four operators is also a burden and a loss in profit to a producer.

The Supreme Clamshell Dredge only requires one machine, one operator and no material left behind. This method always translates into a huge savings for a producer along with a substantial dollar figure savings per ton.

Supreme Manufacturing specializes in green and efficient deep mining floating clamshell dredges, rock barges, conveyors, processing equipment and professional services. Supreme provides solutions for customers to utilize valuable resources in an economical manner so no profits are left behind.

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