Rock Barges


  • Custom Capacities
  • Hydraulic Dump Cylinders
  • 3/4" Plate Impact Walls
  • Hydraulic Tunnel Thrusters
  • Various Diesel Power Units
  • 1/2" Plate Pontoon Deck

The Supreme Manufacturing rock barge is the perfect complement to our family of dredging equipment. This belly-dump barge is heavy duty enough to haul payloads up to 110 tons.  Its load well is built using ¾ inch AR plate on the impact walls, and 1/2 inch plate on the pontoon top deck to provide not only large capacity, but also long life.

At the same time, the Supreme Manufacturing barge is extremely maneuverable.  Its two hydraulic tunnel thrusters enable the operator to position the barge very precisely.  It can even spin 180 degrees within its own length. Once loaded, the rock barge can be maneuvered to deposit its payload near the shore for reclamation using a drag line or excavator, or it can be taken to a mined-out area of the lake and dumped.

Once again, there is no need for additional equipment or operators to load or unload the Supreme Manufacturing rock barge, thereby continuing to improve your bottom line.

All of the hydraulics on the rock barge are powered by a 100 horsepower diesel engine, making it completely self-contained. While the standard configuration would require an operator onboard the barge to operate it manually, Supreme Manufacturing also offers an optional remote control feature that would enable the dredge operator to have full control over the rock barge.

As with all of Supreme’s products, the rock barge is built using standard off-the-shelf components and equipment available from your local electronics, hydraulics, and bearings vendors.  That makes for much easier maintenance and service, without having to special order parts from some distant supplier. 

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