Clamshell Dredges

  • Depth capability. They are typically designed for 200’ feet of mining depth.  There are several machines in service today digging more than 300’.  Deeper designs are possible.
  • Low mining costs in the range of $.46 cents/ton
  • Increase reserves and the ability to re-open existing properties that are already permitted
  • Increase land value
  • No loss of fines
  • Able to extract large size particles
  • Reduce material handling costs
  • Eliminate diesel use when designed for all electric
  • Reduce manpower and increased efficiency
  • Improve material flow
  • Ease of re-sale with high residual value of equipment

If you could choose between digging 15 feet down into your deposit, using 4 operators with 4 machines OR digging to a depth of 200 feet using 1 operator and 1 machine, of course you’d choose the one machine.

Generally used in smaller operations where budget is a concern.  Less expensive, easier to ship, assemble and relocate (modular design).

 Most common worldwide.  Larger capacities and is designed for more versatility.  Larger pontoon footprint allows for increased digging well, greater stability and more room for onboard equipment.

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