Comparing Dredging Machines

If you could choose between digging 15 feet down into your deposit, using 4 operators with 4 machines to retrieve it, or digging 30 feet down, again, using 4 machines and 4 operators, OR digging to a depth of 200 feet using 1 operator and 1 machine, of course you’d choose the one machine.

And that one machine is the Supreme Manufacturing computer controlled, floating clamshell dredge. Conventional hydraulic excavators are very limited in their reach, and hence, the depth of the deposit they can retrieve. That means leaving behind far too much material and profit. Even a typical drag line operation can only reach depths of 30 feet. That still leaves behind far too much of your precious product. But with the Supreme 10 cubic yard dredge, you bring to the surface far more of the available deposit. That means far more efficient use of your acreage.

For instance, while the drag line would leave behind some 168,000 tons per acre of deposit, and the excavator a whopping 204,000 tons per acre, the Supreme dredge would leave nothing behind.

And in order to achieve a yearly goal of 800,000 tons, the drag line would require 11 acres. The excavator would need more than 22 acres, but the Supreme dredge would use just 3 and a third acres when digging at a 100 foot depth; even less as the deposit goes deeper.

That translates into huge savings, instead of the profit lost using more conventional methods. In fact, compared to the Supreme dredge, a dragline operation would cost you $210,000 per acre each year in lost profit, and a hydraulic excavator over a quarter million dollars per acre in lost profit.

So which would you choose?

  • 4 machines, 4 operators, 15 feet of depth, and $255,000 in lost profit
  • 4 machines, 4 operators, 30 feet of depth, and $210,000 in lost profit


  • 1 machine, 1 operator, 200 feet of depth, and NOTHING left behind

Don’t leave the profits behind. Instead, bring it all home with the floating clamshell dredge by Supreme Manufacturing.

Comparing Dredging Machines

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