8 Yard Dredge

American Designed & Manufactured:

  • Automated One Man Operation
  • 6' x 16' Primary Screen
  • 25 Ton Hoist Crane
  • Easy Erection
  • 4' x 8' Fine Screen
  • 8 Yard Severe Duty Bucket
  • 200' Digging Depth
  • State Of The Art PLC Controls
  • 18' x 22' Digging Well
  • Optional Rock Breaker
  • Optional Load Cells for Weighing

Supreme Manufacturing is proud to introduce their new 8-yard, computer-controlled floating clamshell dredge. For those operators who need the versatility and cost-effective features of their 10 yard dredge, but whose deposit may be smaller and located in a more confined space, Supreme Manufacturing offers their 8-yard modular dredge.

Although it is built smaller, it is designed and manufactured to the same exacting standards of quality as all of Supreme Manufacturing’s products. Being modular in design, this dredge can be delivered by conventional means, and allows for quick setup and relocation.

The Supreme Manufacturing 8-yard modular dredge features an Ace Engineering 20 ton hoist crane, and carries the Supreme self-contained electric hydraulic 8 cubic yard clamshell bucket. This dredge boasts a digging depth of 200 feet.

The Supreme Manufacturing is designed so that one person can handle the entire operation using the computerized equipment onboard. This dramatically reduces the number of man-hours required to get the job done. Plus, materials don’t have to sit in spoil piles for extended periods of time waiting to dry before they can be loaded in to transport trucks to be taken for processing. Instead, de-watering screens help get the material ready to be deposited onto the conveyors and delivered directly to your plant, or to be loaded on haul trucks.

The raw material is dumped onto a dump grizzly, where oversized rocks can either be discarded into the water, or into a rock barge. A rock crusher can be added onboard the dredge as well. Crushing hastens the drying process, further cutting down on total processing time.

The Supreme dredge’s impressive digging depth also means that you leave much less material behind, making far more efficient use of your acreage. Why leave behind hundreds of thousands of tons of precious profit, when you can have it all with the Supreme Manufacturing.

From an environmental perspective, the Supreme dredge presents substantial benefits as well. Because you recover so much more material per acre than with other methods, you in turn disturb far few acres in order to end up with your desired volume.

When it’s necessary to reposition the dredge, winches on all four corners simply pull it into a new position, and you start your process all over again. The dredge and it’s accompanying conveyors can be powered either using generators or a commercial source.
Supreme is also proud to be able to say that theirs is the first all-American designed and built clamshell design dredge ever made. And because the Supreme dredge is built by producers for producers, you can rest assured that they know what works best in a given application.


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