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A Clamshell dredge is basically a floating wash plant, says Neil Hoobler, president of Stoneboro, PA. -based  Supreme Manufacturing, Inc. While it can handle most types of dredging, a clamshell dredge is most commonly found in deeper and stonier sites, which are more likely to invest in a clamshell rather than a less costly suction dredge.

Material is scooped from the water then goes through dewatering screens, cyclones, and a fines recovery screen before being discharged to a conveyor that can transport it to the processing plant. “Our goal is to get it dry enough to go into the conveyor,” Hoobler says. If necessary, crushing can also take place on the dredge. “With most sand and gravel deposits the vast majority of material is smaller than 8 inches,” he explains, “but you could have a coarse deposit with a log of softballs and basket balls in there. If you have more than 5 percent of your material bigger than 8 inches you probably want to add a crusher so you don’t have to keep handling those big rocks.”