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A Supreme clamshell bucket

Clamshell Bucket

  • Heavy Duty Spade Nose
  • Flared Shell Design
  • AR 400 Shells
  • Severe-Duty Pumps
  • Custom Built up to 25 Yards
  • Go Green! Environmentally Friendly Design

The Supreme Manufacturing clamshell bucket is built with a heavy duty spade nose for deeper penetration in hard material, and a flared shell design for better clearance. Buckets are manufactured from AR 400 shells, and can be custom built in sizes up to 16 yards.

The severe duty hydraulic unit on the Supreme Manufacturing clamshell bucket is designed to operate using environmentally-friendly hydraulic fluid. The electric hydraulic unit is built as a component of the bucket, eliminating long, costly hydraulic hoses and large volumes of fluid.

Supreme’s clamshell bucket utilizes either a 75, 125, or 150 horsepower electric motor with a severe-duty hydraulic pump, depending on the model ordered.

A Supreme clamshell bucket